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My Destination Wedding in Glenborrodale, Scotland.

     Rose Elliott is a Beach Wedding Jewelry Designer and is a Partner with the Swarovski Branding Program. Using Swarovski Elements, Freshwater Pearl and Czech Preciosa she chooses the different designs that she thinks people would like. Her choice of beads, quality, and the overall design, has always been her biggest concern. This care results in fine, tasteful bead work. She holds the copyright on some of the designs of the foot jewelry on her site. Be careful of imitators; her foot jewelry has stood the test of time and are proven in quality.

     While many sites may appear that they make their jewelry in the USA, if you read carefully, you will see that they are having their jewelry made elsewhere. We custom make all of our Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Jewelry in our So. California studio. Custom requests take days, not weeks or months.

Made in the USA. With the flood of jewelry knock-offs coming from China. How do you know where you jewelry is made. I was surfing the web and found several of my images where they had removed my watermark and they are selling them straight from China. I am a proud Swarovski Branding Partner so my jewelry is made with Genuine Swarovski Elements. 

     Rose currently lives about an hour north of Los Angeles, in California. She has two children and lives with her husband. Rose is always interested in your comments and design requests and may be reached by email - visit our contact page. You can also call her at 1-800-743-7890 between the hours of 9-4 pm Pacific time Monday thru Friday.

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