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Tips to choose jewelry for your beach wedding

Posted on April 20, 2016 by Rose Elliott Ladybead | 0 comments

Jewelry is essential to complete the outfit of every bride, irrespective of where her wedding is held. So, beach brides too need their trinkets and baubles to complete their wedding day look.

However, beach weddings are different from other styles of wedding, and the jewelry choice should reflect this factor. Best for Bride , the bridal stylists from Canada, have the following tips for brides who are on the search for the right jewelry for their special ceremony on the beach.

Match the styles of your jewelry and dress

Most beach wedding dresses are lighter than regular wedding gowns. The jewelry you pick should also reflect this aspect, so your look comes together beautifully. You can wear striking statement jewelry if your gown is simple, as long as it doesn't make your look too stuffy. However, if your dress features ruffles, feathers or other bold embellishments, choose light jewelry to avoid a cluttered look.

Match it to the theme and ambiance

Find inspiration for your bridal look from the organic and relaxed vibe of the location, and you will look like a bride who belongs. Beaches have a casual ambiance, with the sea, sand and skies creating a natural warmth. Jewelry that features elements of the oceans, like pearls and corals, look perfect on a beach bride. Not only will this tie your look to the theme, it will also have a rustic, natural appeal. Traditional pearls may be too formal for this wedding style. However, pearls in other forms, like rice pearls, coin pearls and nugget pearls are suitable.

Pick jewelry that enhances your best features

It is essential to find jewelry that enhances your facial features and adds to your style, than simply pick pieces that look good. Different jewelry styles look good on different faces. So, what looks good on another bride may not be the best for you. The structure of your face, size of your eyes and nose, width of your jaw and size of forehead are all factors to consider when choosing accessories. With the right type and design, you can draw focus to the features you wish to highlight. It is also possible to distract from a less desirable trait by choosing jewelry accordingly.

Express your personality with color

Incorporating natural colors that match the richness of the skies and oceans will add an interesting appeal to your overall bridal look. If there is a color theme for your wedding, jewelry that contains the same colors will help you blend in. Explore colorful options in Swarovski and gem stones for a sophisticated look. Or if you prefer a casual effect, corals, colored pearls and pretty stone jewelry with uneven edges have an organic, natural feel. While colors like tan, peach and light pinks match the colors of the beach, you can also experiment with bright aqua, teals and turquoises for your something blue for the wedding.

Consider the neckline of your gown

The neckline is a focal point of your wedding dress. So, use this as a guide to choose jewelry that brings your look together. Wearing a big necklace with an embellished neckline will create a cluttered look. Instead flashy, bold neckpieces go well with necklines that expose a lot of decolletage. When the necklace is of noticeable dimensions, keep the earrings simple or avoid them altogether. For ornate necklines, either skip the necklace or wear a thin pendant and pair it with pretty dangling earrings. Make sure that the metal colors in your dress and your jewelry are similar, so they do not look mismatched.

Mix and match jewelry pieces to find your unique look

Instead of choosing jewelry pieces that belong to a set, try to mix and match pieces for a unique look. If you have heirloom jewelry, wear it as a statement piece and complement it with other pieces of jewelry that don't distract. The fact that you are getting married on the beach gives you a certain level of freedom to experiment with unconventional looks. So, make the most of it and find your distinct style through jewelry that appeals to you.

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Highlight the distinct features of your wedding dress with jewelry

Many brides opt for light, breezy wedding dresses with short hemlines. The best way to dress up such casual dresses and achieve a stellar bridal look is through the use of special jewelry pieces. When the hemline ends above the ankles, a foot anklet is a great option to help your dainty feet sparkle. The best part is that it makes dancing in the sand all the more fun. Just one or two such statement accessories will instantly make a fashion statement.

Comfort should be your priority

Although looking good is a priority, it is just as essential to you feel comfortable in what you wear. This applies to your jewelry too. So, if you have never worn heavy, dangling chandelier earrings before, your wedding may not be the right opportunity to try it for the first time. The different things you wear on your wedding day should be a personal expression of your tastes and preferences. Find jewelry that you love and feel comfortable wearing, and you will be happy to wear it. Pick the right pieces of jewelry, and you will most likely find yourself using it again even after the wedding.

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