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How to complete your destination wedding look with the right jewelry

Posted on April 07, 2016 by Rose Elliott Ladybead | 0 comments
Bridal jewelry adds the essential finishing touches to a bride's wedding day look. Just like finding the right wedding gown, finding the right jewelry is not always easy. Nonetheless, selecting pieces that complement your dress and flatters your features will greatly enhance your wedding day look.
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Destination brides face a unique set of challenges when choosing wedding jewelry, since everything about the wedding from the venue to the dress is non-traditional. This advice from Best for Bride Canada's leading bridal dress chain, will help you choose the right
jewelry for your special day, when you have your heart set on a destination or beach wedding.

Choose your jewelry only after picking your dress

There is no single type of jewelry that goes with every wedding dress. For your bridal look to come together, your jewelry should match the style of your wedding dress. Since there are more options in jewelry than in dresses, it is best to look for your jewelry after buying the dress. This is particularly important in your case, as finding the right destination wedding dress is tougher than choosing one for a regular wedding.

Pay attention to the neckline and sleeves of your dress

The neckline is a focal point in a wedding dress. So, use this as a guide to planning your overall look. Pair necklines with more decolletage on show with choker necklaces, bold pendants or flashy earrings. For high necklines like the halter, or embellished styles like illusion necklines, you can skip the necklace and wear statement earrings instead. Similarly, add beautiful hand jewelry to your ensemble if your dress is sleeveless or strapless. Finger bracelets are perfect accessories for a beach wedding.
Rhinestone Finger Bracelet

Find inspiration from the venue and theme

Let the venue guide you towards picking appropriate jewelry for the occasion. For formal weddings or ceremonies in a house of worship, classic crystal or pearl jewelry are perfect. If your wedding is at a beach, the ambiance will be more relaxed. Pick jewelry that reflects the beauty of the sand and sea life, that is unique to this venue. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets embellished with organic elements like pearls, sea shells and corals will tie your look to the wedding theme, while also helping you look elegant and gorgeous. Similarly, keep the theme in mind when you plan your look. Shell necklaces will
be appropriate for casual themes, but pearl or crystal jewelry would be more suitable for formal affairs.

Explore colorful options

The right dose of color in your attire will spice up your overall look. The easiest way to make this possible is to choose colorful jewelry. Not only will this help you look unique, it is also a great option to tie your outfit to the color theme. You just have to look and you will be amazed by the striking variety of jewelry with corals and colorful gem stones to choose from.

Match metals and embellishments

The base metal of your accessories should match the color and embellishments of your wedding dress for a cohesive effect. Select from white, gold and rose gold, depending on whether your dress is pure white, ivory or diamond white. Golden jewelry works well with diamond white and ivory, while metals like white gold, platinum and silver match pure white wedding dresses. It is also a good idea to match the embellishments on your dress to your jewelry. If your dress features crystal or rhinestone details, choose similar details in your jewelry. If there are pearl details, go with pearls in your jewelry also.

Strike the right balance

It is easy to go overboard with jewelry. However, your wedding jewelry should complement your dress, not distract from it. If your dress features elaborate embellishments, striking motifs or ornate details, keep the jewelry to a minimum to avoid a cluttered look. If the dress is relatively simple with few embellishments, dress it up with bold and flashy jewelry. Although you do not have to match the pieces exactly, they should have a cohesive look for maximum impact.

Treat yourself to some special jewelry

Your wedding day is the right occasion to pamper yourself with jewelry that is extra-special. Adding a unique piece of jewelry to your ensemble will enhance your overall look and make you feel as special as you look. If you want to look like a princess, try on a headpiece like a tiara or a sparkling headband that enhances your bridal look. For a beach wedding, dress up your dainty feet in beautiful foot jewelry like sparkling anklets and barefoot sandals from Ladybead. Not only will these accessories add a dash of bling to your feet, they make a valuable keepsake that will always remind you of your special day.
Swarovski Pearl Rhinestone Foot Jewelry

Comfort and functionality

The perfect trinkets for your wedding day are those that reflect your personality and appeal to your unique taste. You should feel comfortable in the accessories you wear and not be weighed down by them. Choose styles and designs that flatter your best features. You will naturally be attracted to them and feel beautiful when you try it on. When you choose jewelry that truly appeals to you, you will find yourself using it again after your wedding. This also makes the money spent on it worthwhile.

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