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Our Couture Jewelry Line. Sterling Silver and Unique Swarovski Crystal Designs.

Custom Quality Jewelry.  For your Platinum Wedding

Buy your's today! Our latest in Beach Bride Jewelry Fashion. Customizable Choker sets, with earrings and bracelets. The perfect gift for the Beach Bride on your list. Choose the right pearl or crystal color for your special occasion. Unique gifts for the hard to buy for person on your list.

All of our jewelry comes gift wrapped a no additional cost.

Always Handmade in the U.S.A. customer reviews

Hi Rose,

I recieved the barefoot jewellery today and am so pleased I just had to write and tell you that they are absolutely fantastic and I can't believe how quick you were from me ordering to recieving them. They are beautiful. Thanks for also supplying the extra lengths I now have every confidence that not only will I not have a problem getting them to fit my bridesmaids but that they will go wonderfully well with the dresses and that everything will be perfect now.

Thanks again.


Pure Crystal Rhinestone Foot Thong

Crystal Beach Wedding Sandals Elegance. Rhinestone and Pure Swarovski Crystal Foot Thongs even the beads around the toe are Swarovski Crystals.

Item# LBDFJ102 Sold per pair

Pure Crystal Elegance

Pure Crystal Jewelry for your feet. Swarovski AB Crystals sparkle like diamonds. Crystal elegance for your barefoot wedding.

Item# LBDFJ101 Sold per pair

Something Turquoise Wedding Sandals

Something Turquoise for your Wedding Destination. Swarovski Turquoise Pearl with Light Turquoise Crystal. Barefoot Jewelry Made in the USA!
Custom color options available.

Item# FJ101 Sold per Pair

Swarovski Pure Crystal Anklet

Pure Crystal Elegance for your Wedding Attire.
Swarovski Crystal Anklet made with 8mm, 6mm and 4mm Crystals

Item# A104 Per Piece


Crystal Wave Rhinestone Anklet

Custom Anklet with Swarovski 4mm Bicone Crystals and 6mm Rhinestone Crystals. Bling for your ankle. Perfect accent for your special dress.

Item# A14 Sold per Piece



Rhinestone Pearl Drop Anklet

Swarovski Ivory Pearl with Swarovski Clear Rhinestone Anklet.  Order as pictured or select your pearl color.

Item# A146 Sold per piece.

Pearl Wave Rhinesstone Anklet

Catch a Wave~ Swarovski Pearl and Rhinestone Anklet. Pictured with Lapis Pearl Choose your Pearl color from more than 40 available colors.

Item# A17 Per Piece



Rhinestone Drop Anklet

Light Grey Pearl anklet Rhinestone Drop all clear crystals and Rhinestone Crystals. Order in Grey or choose your favorite Pearl color. Swarovski Rhinestone Drops

Item# A19 Per piece

Rhinestone Drop Crystal Anklet

Pure Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Drop Anklet. Clear bicone crystals and Rhinestones. Order in clear or select your bicone crystal color.

Item# A20




Pearl and Rhinestone Wave Anklet

Custom Beach Bride Wedding Anklet 4mm Pearl and Rhinestone crystal anklet order in white or choose your pearl color to match your wedding dress.

Item# A207 Per piece

The Wave Barefoot Sandals

What to wear to your beach wedding! Swarovski 4mm White Pearl with 6mm Rhinestones. Beach Wedding Wave~ Sandals. Choose from more than 40 colors~

Item# FJ102 Per Pair


Crystal Wave Beach Wedding Sandals

Brand New! Catch the Beach Wedding Wave. What to wear to your destination wedding. Swarovski 4mm bicone Crystal and 6mm Rhinestone Crystals Made in the USA!

Item#FJ104 Per Pair

Turquoise Wave Beach Sandals

Brand New~ Beach Wedding ~ Wave ~ Sandals. Swarovski White Pearl, Light Turquoise Crystal and Clear Rhinestone. Made in America~ Custom options available

Item#  FJ133 Per Pair.

White Pearl Wedding Sandals

Wedding White Jewelry for your barefoot wedding. Per Pair. Swarovski 6mm and 4mm White Pearl with clear crystals. Made in the USA!

Item# FJ101W Sold per Pair

Rhinestone Pearl Anklet

Brand New Beach Wedding Lace Anklet Swarovski Pearl, Crystal and Rhinestone. Try it with Blue Pearl "Something Blue" Custom Pearl Color Option.

Item# A19 Sold per Anklet

Pearl Crystal Anklet 6mm

Beach Wedding Anklet Swarovski Pearl with Austrian Crystal Beach Bride Anklet. Choose your color!

Item# A190 Per Piece

Anklet Pearl Heart Drop

Custom Bridal Swarovski Pearl Anklet Choose pearl color. White Pearl Cream Pearl Lt Blue Pearl many colors to choose from

Item# A22 Sold Per Piece

Pearl Rhinestone Wedding Anklet

Brand New Just added Bridal Lace Pearl Rhinestone Beach Wedding Anklet. Bridal Elegance for your destination wedding.

Item# A3 Sold per Anklet

Beach Bride Anklet Custom Colors Available

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Anklet

Wedding Elegance White Pearl Anklet Clear Crystal 5000 style 6mm Round Austrian crystal with 6mm White Swarovski Pearl. Order as pictured or select your Pearl Color.

Item# A31 Sold per Piece


Swarovski Pearl Austrian Crystal Anklet

Beach Wedding Anklet. Bridal Bling! 6mm Crystal ab Austrian 5000 style round crystals with White Swarovski Pearls. Order as pictured or select your Pearl color.

Item# A32 Sold per piece

Something Blue Beach Wedding

Sterling Sillver Anklet Pearl Crystal

On Sale

Beach Bride Elegance. Sterling Silver beaded 6mm Pearl and Crystal anklet, order in blue for your "something blue" or select your pearl color. Handmade in the USA using genuine Swarovski Crystals and Pearls

Item# A34 Sold Per Piece

Florida beach wedding day jewelry

Wedding Jewelry Designer Anklet

Pure Crystal Bling Anklet Loaded with 8mm, 6mm and 4mm crystals. Handmade in the USA For your Florida beach wedding ceremony

Item# A36 Sold Per piece

Pure Crystal Weave Anklet

On Sale

Crystal Rhinestone Elegance for your Beach Wedding Attire.

Item# A5 Sold per Anklet

Crystal Beach Elegance

Sterling Silver Crystal Anklet

Now on Sale!

Bridal Jewelry Light Pink Austrian Crystal Rounds with Sterling Silver Tubes. Order as pictured or with Clear or AB Crystals. Handmade in the USA using genuine Austrian Crystals

Item# A79 Per Piece


Pearl Rhinestone Bracelet Lace

Wedding White Bracelet Swarovski Rhinestones Pearls and Crystals

Item# B1 Sold per piece

Peach Pearl Bracelet

Austrian Pearl 5mm Triple strand peach pearl bracelet. Order as pictured or select your pearl color. Handmade in the USA using genuine Austrian Pearls

Item# B10 Sold per Piece



Swarovski Pearl Bracelet

Sterling Silver Beaded Lt Blue 6mm Swarovski Pearl Bracelet with 6mm clear crystals. Order as pictured, or choose your color from the drop down menu. Match your wedding attire. Jewelry custom made for your special day.

Item# B11 Sold per Piece


White Pearl bracelet Rhinestone Lace

White Pearl Bracele Made with 6mm and 4mm Swarovski Pearl. White wedding or choose your colors.

Item# B16 Sold per Piece

Large Crystal Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal 8mm, 6mm 4mm Crystal Bracelet. Island bracelet. Made in the USA

Item# B18 Per Piece

Rhinestone Pearl Crystal Lace Bracelet

Beautiful Beach Wedding Lace Bracelet. Swarovski 6mm White Pearl and Crystal Bracelet. Custom color options available.

Item# B19

Pearl Bracelet

Now on Sale!

Swarovski Pearl 6mm Bracelet Order in white as pictured or select your pearl and crystal color

Item# B23 Sold per Piece

crystal bracelet beach jewlery

Crystal Bling Bracelet

 Austrian Crystal Bling Beaded Bracelet All crystal made with 8mm, 6mm and 4mm cyrstals. Handmade in the USA using genuine Austrian Crystals

Item# B24 Sold per Piece

Pearl and Rhinestonel Bracelet

White Pearl Wedding Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet. Wedding White or choose your Pearl color.

Item# B3 Sold per piece




Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelet. Custom Crystal Color Options Available

Item# B34 Sold Per Piece

beach wedding bling

Crystal Bling Bracelet

All Austrian Crystal Bracelet made with 8mm and 6mm Austrian Crystal Rounds and 4mm bicones. Crystal elegance for that special occasion! Handmade in the USA using genuine Austrian Crystals

Item# B39 Sold per piece

color options available

Swarovski Pearl Bracelet Triple Strand

All Swarovski Pearl Pictured with Creamrose. Chose your perfect pearl color for your dress. Handmade in the USA using

Item# B40 Sold per piece

Rhinestone Earring

On Sale

4mm Crystal Earrings with Swarovski Rhinestones. Choose your crystal color. Earrings measure 3"

Item# Ear 18  Sterling Silver

Rhinestone White Opal Earrings

White Opal Rhinestone Crystal Earrings. Measure just over 3"

Item# Ear 19 Sterling Silver

Shades of White Crystal Earrings

Shades of White Crystals White Alabaster, White Opal and Clear 8mm Swarovski Crystals Wedding White Earrings. Sterling Silver. Measures 3"

Item# Ear 2 Sterling Silver Earrings

Long Rhinestone Pearl Earrings

On Sale!

Long Earrings with  Rhinestone Crystals with Swarovski Pearls.

Item# Ear 6 Sterling Silver

Pearl Rhinestone Earrings

On Sale

Swarovski Pearl with Rhinestone Crystal Earrings Choose your Color!  Measure approx 3" Sterling Silver

Item# Ear 1 Sterling Silver



Freshwater Biwa Chandelier Earrings

Earrings for your Beach Wedding. Freshwater Biwa Stick and Dancing Pearl and Swarovski Crystals
 Our earrings spin. Earrings measure 3 3/4"

Item# Ear 115 Sold per pair

Freshwater Biwa Pearl Earrings

Earrings For your Destination Wedding Freshwater Biwa and Dancing Pearls with Swarovski Crystal Earrings. Sterling Silver Made in the USA Earrings measure 2 1/2"

Item# Ear 114 Sold Per Pair

Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Stand out from the crowd on your Beach Wedding with our original design pure crystal chandelier spinning earrings.  Made in the USA!
Earrings measure 3 1/2"

Item# Ear 113 Price Per Pair of Earrings

Pearl Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Custom Chandelier Earrings for your Wedding Day. Made with Swarovski Pearls and Crystals so you can choose your pearl color. Made in the USA!
Earrings measure 3"

Item# Ear 112 Price Per Pair of Earrings

Crystal Chandelier Wedding Earrings

Sterling Silver Pure Crystal Earrings Perfect for your Special Occassion! Loaded with Swarovski AB Crystals in 8mm, 6mm and 4mm. Made in the USA
Earrings measure 3"

Item# Ear 111 Price per pair of Earrings

What to wear to a Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Rhinestone Anklet

Now on Sale!

What to wear to a Beach Wedding Ceremony. Sterling Silver Wedding Sandals with Austrian Rhinestone Crystals. Show off your beach wedding feet with the Brilliance of Austrian Crystal

Item# FT22 Per Pair

Elegant #Vow #Renewal Sandals

Black Diamond Sterling Silver

Very Limited Designer Edition. For your Platinum Beach Wedding. Sterling Silver Black Diamond Twist Beach Wedding Sandals. Order as pictured or with clear rhinestones.

Item# TLN225 Per Pair

For your #Platinum #Beach #Wedding

Sterling Silver Rhinestone

Now on Sale!

Designer Edition Beach Jewelry. By special request from Daria Sterling Silver Rhinestone. Beach Wedding Sandals. Handmade in the USA using genuine Austrian Crystals

Item# TLR29 Sold per pair.

Barefoot Rhinestone Fringe Wedding Sandal

On Sale

Planning a Platinum Wedding? These are the perfect accessory. Clear Rhinestone Sterling Silver Beach Wedding Sandals. For your platinum wedding. Fringe beach weddind sandals. Made in America

Item# TLRSS43 Sold per pair