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Did you know that Swarovski Crystal is lead free? You can read more here 

Do you know where the color in crystal comes from?

Crystals are formed by a very slow and controlled heat reduction process.

Chemicals used during the process, as opposed to dies, dictate the color. Different chemicals absorb different wavelengths of visible light.  The result?  We see the opposite of this color.  For example, if the chemical added absorbed blue, we would see an orange crystal.


Interestingly enough, manufacturing a clear crystal is much more difficult than adding color.  There can be no impurities during the manufacturing process as even a small contamination could change the clarity of the crystal.


What is a Swarovski Pearl and why are they so special? At the heart of each "pearl" lies a solid core of Swarovski crystal which is covered in layers of pearlescent. Swarovski's pearl coating is similar to natural pearl luster. It is very consistent in color, and resistant to perspiration UV rays perfumes, scratches and washes. It warms to the skin similar to real pearls. Swarovski beads for when you want the absolute best. customer reviews

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 Swarovski Pearl and Austrian Crystal Color Chart